Coaches Clubs, again!

Virtual Coaches Clubs, again!

The European Athletics Coaches Association, following the success of its Tokyo Coaches Club during the Olympic Games, is pleased to announce two new
Virtual Coaches Clubs.

Both Clubs will be hosted by Jimson Lee, founder and owner of the world renowed website

We truly hope you will put these dates and times in your diary. This is a fantastic opportunity for our coaches to learn together through the real time of the Olympic Experience.

Nairobi WJC Coaches Club

August 19th and August 22nd at 7PM CEST the Athletics Development topic will be discussed by panellists like Amy Dean, Arne Gullich, Christine Bloomfield, Danie CorneliusFrank Dick, Gunter LangeKevin Ankrom, Rita EngelbrechtShaun Pickering and many others, to analyze the events with particular focus on European performance but also reflecting on the Global picture.

EACA Nairobi WJC Coaches Club is free:

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ParaCoach Athletics Club – Tokyo

August 23rd and September 1st at 7PM CEST the Tokyo Paralympic Games will be discussed by panellists like Frank Dick OBE, Peter Eriksson, Dr Tabo Huntley, Trevor Painter, Steffi Nerius, Suzanne Ferreira, Richard Parkinson and many others.

ParaCoach Athletics Club – Tokyo is free:

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European Athletics Coaches Association is pleased to announce the first Virtual Olympic Coaches Club.

From 31st July to 8th August at 19.00 CEST, Jimson Lee will host invited Panellists like Christine Harrison-Bloomfield, Rita Engelbrecht, Kelly Sotherton, Laura Turner, Dalton Grant, Danie Cornelius, Peter Eriksson, Martin Bingisser, Peter Stanley, Shaun Pickering, Wolfgang Ritzdorf, Anders Borgstrom, Frank Dick and many others, to analyze and discuss the day’s events with particular focus on European performance but also reflecting on the Global picture.

The event may be accessed by this link.

The event is free and open to everyone and on this inaugural occasion to coaches across Europe who wish to participate.

We truly hope you will put these dates and times in your diary. This is a fantastic opportunity for our coaches to learn together through the real time of the Olympic Experience.

We wish you the best for this Summer 2021!

European Athletics High Performance Online Week

European Athletics is providing a special online event related to its High Performance Series next month: the High Performance Online Week.

The event is “a series of two webinars a day during the 7 until the 11 June 2021, gathering famous athletes, coaches and scientists, to deliver to you the most up-to-date knowledge and experience on high performance in athletics”.


The programme of the week is available here. Don’t forget to register for free.


Moreover, the High Performance Webinar Series will continue from July – December 2021. See here the full programme and the registration link.


Attached documents:

ASEA Congress 2021 scheduled next 26-27 February

“Asociaciòn Sudamericana de Entrenadores de Atletismo” (ASEA) stands for “South American Coaches Association” and it’s an EACA Partner in the Conference’s cycle.

The main title of the event is “Women at the Center of Athletics Training”, so the focus will be on women training.

Prof. Oscar Gadea will lead the conference, while Martin Palavicini will act as moderator, also mastering both English and Spanish languages. 

Ticket price is $ 30,00 (€ 24,72) only and, as for the previous conferences, ASEA Congress will be streamed live on our website.

Take a look at the conference’s program and subscribe!

NACACTFCA 2020 Conference: recorded sessions

What a wonderful weekend watching the NACACTFCA 2020 Conference! 

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it live, don’t worry: you can always get the access to the recordings of the whole conference, session by session. 

The price is always $50,00, discounted at €35,00 for all the EACA members.

The recordings are enriched with the subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German.

Second stage of the conferences’ cycle is the North America, Central America and Caribbean Track&Field Coaches Association’s annual congress.

From December 18th to December 20th amazing coaches and experts will speak at the conference, hosted by Richie Mercado. Each session will see two individual speeches followed by a final roundtable with all the speakers of the session exchanging their experience.

Our president Frank Dick OBE and Wolfgang Ritzdorf will double the IFAC presenting at the NACACTFCA conference too. In addition to them, it will be possible to hear from great names: Rose Monday will talk about women in athletics, Kevin Reid and Jimson Lee from will show the state-of-the-art about sport science and technology, Roberta Anding will show the most recent studies on high performance nutrition and Les Gramantik will deal on how to develop competent future coaches.

But this is only a piece of the cake: more big names will be announced in the following days so stay tuned on our website. 

The European Athletics Coaches Association negotiated a special price with NACACTFCA’s president, prof. Victor Lopez: for EACA members the subscription price will be € 35,00 instead of $ 50,00.

Don’t lose time: subscribe now to the NACACTFCA 2020 conference!

Dan O’Brien will speak at NACACTFCA 2020 Conference

Combined events seems to be the reigning event during the next NACACTFCA conference.

After announcing coach Harry Marra a week ago, now we are here again to say that Dan O’Brien has been announced as a new entry in the congress’ line-up.

Dan is the former Decathlon WR holder, Olympic champion and three times World Champion and he will talk about the resources and opportunities for athletes to support their growth.

If you’re still thinking if to subscribe or not, please, read the updated program: we are sure that you’ll run to the subscribe form!

Harry Marra will speak at NACACTFCA 2020 Conference

We said it and we did it!

Another great coach in the NACACTFCA 2020 Congress: Harry Marra!
Harry is the former coach of the World and Olympic champion and Decathlon former WR holder Ashton Eaton and his wife, the canadian Brianne Theisen-Eaton who won the Bronze medal at Rio in 2016 in addition to the World Indoor title and two Silver medals at the World Championships in Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015.
The topic of Harry’s speech will focus on how to be an athlete-centered coach and learn specific needs of each performer.

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‘Take home’ after IFAC 2020

It is a fact of life that even when we listen to the same presentation in the same conference, we each hear something different. So there will have been as many lessons learned from IFAC 2020 as there were participants!

So please read these lessons I learned in that context. Those who attended hopefully on reading these will be reminded of the excellent input from speakers and their own lessons learned will be reviewed and refreshed. Those who did not might reflect on the following and create their own.

As we move forward with IFAC and EACA, I think it would be a good idea after each IFAC to share our lessons learned and ideas they generate on dedicated pages of the EACA website. This would become our “learning locker room!”

So these for me were key take-aways as lessons learned.

  1. A winning culture is founded on a learning culture. Learning is a never ending story and we must bring structure to it if we are to be consistent winners:
    • Build a robust foundation of basics and keep refreshing them
    • Be meticulous in preparation and briefing
    • Learn on the move from life experience
    • De-brief forensically – hot and cold de-briefs
    • Revisit and relearn from cumulative experience
  2. Coaches must adopt a new way of thinking in learning how to adapt to a hybrid approach of teaching and learning. What can be taught sits well with virtual communication. This embraces the science of coaching and the technical skills that are the tools of our trade. What can be learned sits best with practical experience. This embraces the art of coaching and the people skills in our work.
  3. Female and male coaches bring unique skill sets to coaching and it is clear we must be more committed to and engaged with understanding how to harmonize those skills not only to achieve athlete and coach development and performance excellence, but to bring coaching itself to a new level.
  4. The dreadful days we have been going through in the face of the COVID19 Pandemic has tested out ability to be creative, adaptable and versatile in applying our skills in a climate of restriction and uncertainty. But we have risen well to the challenge, even to learning on the move how to address mental and emotional health issues. Critically, such issues will not disappear when the Pandemic ends. Going forward we must sharpen our observation skills to be ahead of the game in recognising stress signatures to coach both athletes and coaches in being better prepared to protect against such issues.
  5. Related to this was an effective policy applied in the Netherlands of coaches holding training at a level of 6 week readiness to compete.
  6. Traditionally Coach Education Programmes do not teach coaches how to learn and as a consequence coaches do not normally teach athletes how to learn. Greater input to coach education programmes from Cognitive Psychology is essential to correcting this.
  7. As technology has greater and greater impact as a means of informing coaches decision making, Artificial Intelligence will become a valuable contributor in synthesising the tsunami of data now available. It is not more data that we need but digestible and usable information.
  8. Coaches have responsed to World Athletics President, Lord Coe’s “vision and interest that a body be formed from amongst the coaching community dedicated to Athletics Coaching related matters and to facilitate bringing necessary change.” That response is the creation of the Global Athletics Coaching Academy (GACA) embracing Education, Regulation, Support and Representation. Area and National Athletics Coaches Associations are part of GACA’s strategy in building a World Athletics Coaches Community. This is an important moment in Athletics History for coaches to be responsible and accountable for the future of Athletics Coaches and Coaching.

These were the bigger general take away lessons. There were many more at the specific level and I’m sure you’ll pick up on these by listening to the excellent presentations and panel discussions.


Frank Dick OBE