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Last weeks have been really challenging for the EACA staff. Shaun’s loss brought a big hole in our souls and it was an overall de-stabilizing event. It impacted our lives and all the EACA projects, because Shaun was not only a beloved friend but also an active member of the staff and an incredible source of knowledge, contacts and ideas.
The best thing we can do, now and in the future, to keep him alive in our hearts is to show the same spirit he showed for his whole life.
So, we will soon come out with initiatives in his memory that will start from the next International Festival of Athletics Coaching in November.

To apologise with our website’s members, we are pleased to announce the following changes:

Free Members have now access to IFAC 2014 presentations and videos
Premium Members have now access to IFAC 2017 videos
Pro Members can now download presentations from IFAC 2021 and 2022

Soon we will work on all the other projects that we temporarly suspended, like the EACA web series and the Mentoring Programme.

Next International Festival of Athletics Coaching is scheduled November 3-5, 2023 in Padova, Italy, just like last year.
The programme of the conference is almost final. We will fill the last slots available during the WA Championships in Budapest where we will try to catch some successful coach.
However, many great speakers are already confirmed: Carola Becker (nutrition), Liz McColgan (Endurance), Laurent Meuwly (Sprints and Hurdles), Marco Airale (Sprints and Hurdles), Aston Moore (Long and Triple Jump), Scott Simpson (Pole Vault), Mantas Jusis (Discus), Paolo Dal Soglio (Shot Put), Arne Gullich (Youth Development), Nick Winkelman and Vern Gambetta (Coaching).

Until July 31st the last Early Bird sale is open, which grants a 25% discount to everyone on the Full Conference on site and online tickets!
EACA website’s Premium members have a 30% discount, while EACA website’s Pro members have a 50% discount.

We are also thrilled to inform our members that the Global Athletics Coaching Academy announced the 2023 WA Coaches’ Club in Budapest!

As usual, the Coaches’ Club programme is very fluid and filled ‘on the fly’, catching the most successful coaches during the WA Championships.
However, the format is already clear:

August 21st and August 22nd the WA Championships programme has no morning session scheduled so the Coaches’ Club will deliver a symposium from 09:00 to 13:30 CEST

Every day from August 19th and August 27th at 14:30 CEST a panel of experts including Rita Engelbrecht, Sue Humphrey, Terry Crawford, Charles Clinton, Gunter Lange, Les Gramantik, Malcolm Coomber and Randy Huntingdon and moderated by Frank Dick will discuss about WA Championships previous day results

Every day from August 19th and August 27th at 15:45 CEST it’s time for coaches interviews.

The 2023 Budapest WA Championships Coaches’ Club is a FREE event for everyone. You just need to register filling a form: visit the 2023 Budapest Coaches’ Club page on the GACA website.

Download the 2023 Budapest Coaches’ Club Flyer

EACA staff will play a key role in Budapest, providing its expertise coming from IFAC and 2022 Coaches’ Clubs, so we hope that you will join the Coaches’ Club, on site or remotely, and enjoy it!en

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