Shaun Pickering – A Fond Farewell to a Dedicated Coach and Friend

In the realm of European Athletics and its vibrant community of coaches, there are individuals who leave an indelible mark because of their passion, knowledge, and unwavering dedication. Today, we gather to bid a heartfelt farewell to our dear friend and colleague, Shaun, who was a remarkable shot putter, discus thrower, and truly exceptional coach. His presence within the European Athletics Coaches Association and his contributions to the organisation’s educational events have been invaluable, shaping the lives of countless coaches and athletes.

Shaun was more than just a coach; he was a beacon of light for all who had the privilege of knowing him. His love of track and field was infectious, and his untiring passion breathed life into every educational event he organised. Through his expertise and guidance, he cultivated a community of coaches who relied on his wisdom and who shared his enthusiasm.

As a former shot putter and discus thrower, Shaun brought a wealth of experience to his coaching endeavours. His deep understanding of the technicalities and nuances of these disciplines made him a treasured resource. He selflessly shared his knowledge, thereby empowering coaches to refine their athletes’ techniques in order to achieve their full potential.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Shaun played a pivotal role in embracing technology for the benefit of coaches. His visionary mindset and dedication led to advancements in coaching tools and resources. His commitment to improving the accessibility and quality of educational events through technology-driven solutions transformed the landscape of coach development.

Shaun’s impact extended far beyond the educational events he spearheaded. He developed relationships with coaches worldwide, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration. His ability to connect with individuals, bridging gaps and nurturing a supportive community was truly remarkable.

As we bid farewell to our dear friend, we remember both his warmth and his infectious laughter. He had a lifelong and steadfast dedication to the sport. The memories we have of Shaun during educational events and beyond will forever hold a special place in our hearts. His legacy will continue to inspire coaches, athletes, and all those touched by his kindness.

In the European Athletics Coaches Association, we mourn the loss of a dear friend, an exceptional coach, and a true advocate for the advancement of track and field. Shaun’s passion, knowledge, and commitment will forever remain an integral part of our shared journey. As we continue to organise educational events and shape the future of coaching, we pay homage to his memory, carrying his spirit within us.

For all those who would like to bring one last goodbye to Shaun, you can come next Monday 12 June at 12.00 at the Enfield Crematorium, Great Cambridge Road EN1 4DS.
Afterwards Forty Hall (Banquet Suite) at 13.30, Forty Hill EN2 9HA

Farewell, dear friend, and thank you for the invaluable impact you have made on our lives.

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  1. A lovely tribute Giacomo. Thank you Shaun for your commitment and contributions to the family of Athletics – you leave an enduring legacy. Shaun Pickering RIP

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