Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Today our President turns…………..

Wait a minute!

For my personal safety, let me only say that the candles on the actual cake number way more than the three in the icon above and that they in themselves constitute a fire risk!

To celebrate Frank’s birthday we are offering our members new content on the website and to officially launch the subscriptions for the Pro Membership of the EACA Website!

As a special offer, anyone that chooses now to sign up for the Pro Membership within the current month of May, 2021 and choosing the yearly subscription can get a 50% discount FOR LIFE on this annual subscription by applying the following discount code:


Keep reading below to discover the new videos on the website, taken from various editions of the International Festival of Athletics Coaching.
We really hope that you will enjoy these videos and let me say once again: Happy Birthday Frank! 80 more years!
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