A new era for EACA

As the Beatles song goes, it’s been a “long and winding road”, with many dead end streets and crossroads. But now we have finally reached a point, which is nothing else than… the starting line!

The big difference now is that the European Athletics Coaches Association has a clear and well defined pathway to continue their journey. As we now have the appropriate technological equipment and support, we are growing our skills on how we can serve you as the coaches, in the best way possible.

In the year of its 60th birthday, the European Athletics Coaches Association has reinvented itself, embracing the virtual world to deliver services to it’s coaches. Here are some of the ideas we have worked so far, and will continue to work on to bring the best Membership possible:

  • EACA aims to create a community of coaches where they can connect and network with each other, exchange opinions, share videos, and knowledge. This is similar to a Social Media Coaching Networking group, where the concept of “growing faster together” is the key
  • We have a lot to share with you, especially from our many years of running our main event, the world renowned International Festival of Athletics Coaching (IFAC). At the moment, we are offering more than 150 presentations from over 90 coaches from a wide range of different sports who have previously spoken at one of our IFAC conferences from 2006 to 2020. In the following months we will publish footage taken from our IFAC events between 2012 and 2019, while the recorded sessions of IFAC 2020 live stream is already available
  • Of course, Technical Articles are one of our projects. We’ll be inviting columnists and editors to have the opportunity to publish articles. Please keep an eye on our website!
  • Also in our plans is an online platform offering courses to coaches who want to improve their skills. We don’t want to clash with the new World Athletics eLearning platform so our courses will be very specific and not just technical. We’re also trying to set up a credits system based on EU rules. The online Academy will be dedicated to our late vice-president Elio Locatelli

I’m sure at this point you are wondering, what is the price of all of these new services? The good news is that a wide variety of content will be available as part of the Free Membership, including; access to the coaching social network, elements of our IFAC presentation, selected online courses, discounts for applying to our events or events created by our partners and many other benefits. It’s easy to register as an EACA member without paying any money.

For those who want more, they can apply for the Premium Membership which costs only €2,99 billed monthly or €30,00 billed annually. Further down the line in 2021 we will also offer a Pro Membership with even more benefits and higher discounts at a cost of €9,99 billed monthly or €100,00 billed yearly. We offer incredibly competitive rates compared to other membership fees and can’t wait to have you as an EACA Member! 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your preferred membership level and become an EACA member. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a European Coach, the EACA Membership is open to coaches from all around the world.