“Mindful Coaching” Series Episode 2 with Laurent Meuwly and Paolo Camossi

The brand new EACA series “Mindful Coaching” aims to cover the world of coaching at 360° by interviewing coaches with different skills and experiences, also coming from other sports or other areas.

In the Episode 2 of of its first season, Jimson Lee hosts two European coahces: Laurent Meuwly and Paolo Camossi. At the recent European Indoor Championships they achieved great results, reaching the top in the 60 meters event, where Ajla Del Ponte and Marcell Jacobs won the gold medal for Switzerland and Italy, respectively. 

In perfect harmony with the spirit of the “Mindful Coaching” Series, Jimson especially tries to spotlight their approach to coaching rather than talk about which technical exercises they adopt during the training sessions.

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As always, we hope that you’ll really enjoy this new content. But we are only at the beginning: lots of ideas in our mind will be effective soon!

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