Frank Dick interviews Stefano Mei

Frank Dick interviews Stefano Mei

Two weeks ago we invited all the three candidates for the Italian National Athletics Federation’s President, asking if they would be available for a video interview. 

One of them courteously declined. Another, gave his availability for a written interview, so we sent a set of questions to his Secretary but are yet to hear back. Only one embraced our proposal for a video interview: this is Stefano Mei.

Stefano Mei is the star of the incredible One-Two-Three created by the Italian’s for endurance at the 1986 European Championships in Stuttgart, where he won the title beating the reigning World and Olympic champion Alberto Cova.

Next Sunday, Stefano will run for another achievement: the Presidency of the Italian Athletics National Federation (FIDAL). In the video below, our President Frank Dick OBE asked Stefano some questions about his project relating to coaching and coaches in Italy as well as if he thinks he will become the new president. If needed, activate the subtitles and choose your preferred language.

When we receive them, we will publish the answers to our President’s questions by the other candidate.